Friday, June 27, 2008

Murder Set Pieces (Palumbo, 2004)

Okay, the BBFC banned "Murder Set Pieces" from being released on DVD in the UK (it wasn't up for being released theatrically).

Having just watched it, I support their decision.

While the individual sequences alone were not particularly offensive by comparison to other films, but the number of sequences and the sheer lack of plot to support their inclusion renders them pointless, making them in opposition to the BBFC's (mostly reasonable) guidelines.

Certain scenes are disturbing, primarily ones involving children. Though not *too* graphic, their context and implication makes them distasteful. I would say they add nothing to the plot, but there's no plot in the first place.

Controversy aside, the film is terribly acted, terribly directed, even more terribly edited and the score is...really terrible.

There is one moment at the film's climax that is pretty good (by comparison to the rest of the film), but that moment dies as quickly as this film's credibility died following the opening credits.

Even if you disagree with censorship or the banning of films, the BBFC should be commended for not subjecting the UK to this utterly crappy film.

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