Friday, June 27, 2008

The Incredible Hulk (Leterrier, 2008)

Marvel making in-house movies could quite possibly be one of the best moves for blockbuster comic book movies.

Inferior to Iron Man but still utterly entertaining, this film suffers only from a weaker script, less charming characters and the incredibly talentless Liv Tyler.

Tim Roth is brilliant as Blonsky and Tim Blake Nelson as Dr. Sterns is a fabulous secondary character. The Robert Downey Jr cameo is as satisfying and thrilling as expected. Also Stan Lee, as usual, is hilarious :D

Nice nods to the TV show in here too - Lou Feringo has a cameo, as well as use of the 'walking away' music, mwahaha! Nice joke about the purple pants, too! Nice little references for fans (I had to look these up, lol) in there, just like with Iron Man - like the 'demise' of Dr. Sterns.

Marvel are brilliantly setting up their series of films to come. I think these films are getting middling reviews from people but they are strong origin stories and as a whole, assuming this level of awesome continues, could form a brilliant movie saga.

Bring on Thor and Captain America :D

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