Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Date Movie (2006)

I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, generally speaking. Neither am I fan of ‘teen’ movies or gross-out comedies. From trailers and press coverage, Date Movie is probably the last film anyone would think me likely to sit through. However, two friends were going to see it and invited me along. My expectations were ridiculously low and sadly, not even they were met.

This film is meant to be a parody of romantic comedies. I’m surprised they’ve managed to get away with such blatant false advertising – aren’t parodies supposed to be funny? The set pieces range from disgusting, to stupid, to mildly amusing. I could count the number of times I laughed on one hand. Not only were the individual skits unfunny, as a whole they weren’t particularly coherent, scenes randomly thrown in for the sake of another film reference. So many of the scenes felt completely redundant.

Had the parody been successful, this no doubt could’ve been a funny film, as there is plenty of room to parody romantic comedies. Instead of being observant and witty, this film aims to use the simplest and most ridiculous ‘parody’ cliches. So many of the scenes were so similar to the originals that they barely merit being called parody – a large portion was simple, unfunny mimicry.

The funniest part of this film was a construction worker shooting himself in the head with a nail gun, not five minutes into the film. I only wish I’d done the same.


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